About Me

The short version

•Certified Wedding Planner

•Certified Wedding & Event Planner

•Certified Wedding Design Consultant

•Certified Styled Shoot Coordinator

•CWP Society Industry Advancement Director

•Master Certified Wedding Planner (June 2024)

•Certified Meeting Professional (August 2024)

I'm a multi-passionate creative & former top-producing corporate marketing and planning director, now using my creative skills to create unique experiences under my signature brand.

-Planned first event at 17, attended by over one hundred people from all over the Midwest.

- Experience lays in planning and facilitating dream weddings and top-tier corporate events, meetings, and retreats for International dental companies, practice and sales teams. 

- Understands the unique vision and goals of each client.

- Committed to creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail.

- Managed event coordination and appearances for one of the sponsors of the 2019 Miss Universe pageant.

But More Than That...

I'm married to my amazingly talented heartthrob and a mom to four children (the Littles and my blessing babies, the Bigs), passionate about planning spectacular events for everyday people and fun-loving companies looking for experiences that will be remembered and joyfully felt for a lifetime!

Short Version not enough? Here’s the Whole Story

So, you really want to know more? Prior to starting the AGE’ initiative, I asked my husband, who is known for his blunt honesty, what would set me apart from all the other great event planners out there. Here is his response:

“You possess a passion so vibrant that it illuminates even the most intricate aspects of planning. Your dedication is unparalleled; I’ve witnessed you sacrifice countless nights, all to add those extra touches that make each event truly special. While it may pain me to see the toll it takes, I know that for you, it’s a labor of love. You’d gracefully embrace every challenge, even without reward, simply for the joy it brings you and the difference it makes. That’s what sets you apart from other planners; it’s not just work; it’s your passion.”

-Miguel Gaetán

My journey from the rich event landscape of suburban Chicago to the dynamic energy of Atlanta's scene equips me with a unique perspective that enriches every celebration I design.

I am Master Certified Wedding and Event Planner with extensive training from the Certified Wedding Planner Society, the premier global organization in wedding planner certifications and memberships. By the end of summer 2024, I will also be a Certified Meeting Professional. It has been a long time coming! 

My passion is bringing your most cherished moments to life with precision and creativity in the most professional way. Memories that not only last for a moment but a lifetime. I have learned and continue to learn from the best in the industry and it is my goal to one day be mentioned amongst the best.

As your wedding planner: Imagine a day where every detail, from the floral arrangements to the lighting, is tailored to your vision. I bring meticulous attention to planning, ensuring that your special day is seamless, magical, and filled with unforgettable moments. With a deep understanding of logistics and design, I will orchestrate your wedding day so you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of the occasion.

For corporate events: Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate company retreat, I offer comprehensive event management services for your company that guarantees a professional and engaging atmosphere. I oversee everything from concept to vendor coordination with my premium preferred vendors, ensuring your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression on all attendees.

For small business and team-building events: I specialize in designing experiences that foster teamwork, innovation, and cohesion. By customizing activities that align with your goals and company culture, I help create environments where your team can connect, grow, and succeed together.

I approach your event with the belief that you and your guests deserve to be treated with the same warmth and care I would want for my own family. With me as your planner, I will strive to bring together the warmth of the Midwest and the charm of the South with meticulous planning.

Let’s share YOUR story!

It would be my sincere honor to turn your next event into a milestone celebration. You can put your trust in me to make your event truly exceptional for you and your guests. Submit your inquiry, and Let’s chat about your vision and what makes my approach unique!